Caregiver/Teacher Guide


This curriculum is designed to help middle-schoolers learn more about COVID-19 in an interactive and educational way. Beyond helping to increase their knowledge, it is designed to get them excited about the scientific process, a method that is on full display during this time of uncertainty and discovery.

How to Use This Curriculum:

Kids can work through this curriculum on their own or in partnership with their caregivers/teachers. The curriculum is split into two parts: Part 1 - Building Background Knowledge and Part 2 - Action and Exploration. Students can complete the whole curriculum all in one sitting or split the two parts over multiple days. There is a worksheet (that can be downloaded or printed out) that children should fill out as they move through the curriculum in order to get the most out of the material:

For teachers - the worksheet can be used as an assignment to show that your students completed the module. Students can also create a Prezi or Google Slides presentation about their Scientific Method discovery question to share with the class as a culminating project.

For parents and caregivers - the worksheet is a good tool to use to get a sense of how your child is feeling during this uncertain time. Further tools for beginning this discussion can be found on the guide linked below. In particular, The Wellness Society’s Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook is a great resource filled with interactive strategies to reduce stress.

Managing Worry and Stress:

This can be a very stressful time for children and caregivers, alike. Focusing on family mental health can help us support one another. Check out our guide for caregivers:

All of the printables found in this curriculum can be downloaded here:

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