Module 2: How can I help?

Germ busters have 5 jobs.

Job #1: Wash your hands.

Wash your hands! Cleaning hands with soap and water is our most powerful weapon against coronavirus. When coronavirus comes into contact with soap, it disappears after 20 seconds. Doctors say this is the most effective way to kill germs.

It takes time to make sure that every part of your hands are covered with soap to destroy the germs. To make sure all the germs are gone, I sing the Happy Birthday song twice while washing my hands. Sometimes I even make up my own words to the same tune, or try Baby Shark!

Job #2: Cover your mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze.

Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or a tissue. Coughs and sneezes release water droplets, and coronavirus can use these water droplets to spread from person to person. If you instead cough into your elbow or sneeze into a tissue, the water droplets don’t fly and coronavirus gets stopped in its tracks. Be sure to wash your hands after you throw the tissue away!

Job #3: Send love from a distance.

Keep away from people who don’t live with you. This is my least favorite part of being a Germ Buster. I miss being out with my friends at school and giving my grandparents hugs. But if we all keep safe, we will be able to do those things again soon.

But you can call and video chat with family and friends. I think it makes them happy to say hello through the phone.

Job #4: Clean your room and your toys.

Coronavirus can hide in messy places for a long time. When everything is washed with special cleaners that contain alcohol and other chemicals, the germs are killed. I am extra careful to clean the screen on my tablet and computer, since I use them a lot. I also help mom and dad clean around the house. We are all on the same team to beat germs!

Job #5: Eat healthy and drink lots of water.

It is important to give your body the nutrients it needs. Nutrients help your immune cells work better, so they can track down and kill germs. Eat fruits and vegetables every day, and drink a glass of water with every meal. I take care of my body, to help it stay healthy and strong!

We will STOP Coronavirus! I am happy I can help keep the virus away from my friends and family.

The End. Thank you for coloring with us. If you want to keep coloring, click HERE!

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