COVID-19 Elementary Curriculum - Start Here

Student Authors: Logan Beyer [1], Margaret Irwin [1], and Chandler Moore [1]


Graphic Designers: Emily Kragel [2], Hae Lin Cho [1], Pamela Chen [1]

Faculty Reviewers: Gene Beresin, MD [3], Baruch Krauss, MD, EdM [4], Rachel Conrad, MD [5], Dr. Alan Woolf, MD [6], Janis Arnold, MSW, LICSW [7]

Student Reviewers: Jessica Laird [1], Priya Shah [1], Rachel Reardon [1], Katie Kester [1]

[1] Harvard Medical School, [2] ECU Brody School of Medicine, [3] Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry Service, [4] Boston Children's Hospital, Division of Emergency Medicine, [5] Boston Children's Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, [6] Boston Children's Hospital, Director of Environmental Medicine, [7] Boston Children's Hospital, Department of Social Work

Teacher/Family Reviewers: Mrs. Samantha Rouse, Lower and Middle School Art Teacher, Arendell Parrott Academy; Ms. Wendy Burr, 3rd Grade Teacher, St. Timothy's School; Mrs. Wendy Riley, 2nd Grade Teacher, Arendell Parrott Academy; Dr. Jenny Wood Crowley, PhD, Parent, Academic Dean, Duke University; Dr. Adam Hollowell, PhD, Parent, Senior Research Associate, Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity; Dr. Jesse Summers, PhD, Parent, Academic Dean, Duke University; Cora, 7-year-old

Who is this curriculum for?

This section contains two series of modules: one for grades 1-3, and one for grades 4-6. Both will guide students through interactive coloring pages, which are linked throughout the materials and as printable pdf's below. Children can work through the website and pages on their own, or teachers/parents can use the guide on the next page to work through it with them.

Are you interested in a medical student tutor?

COVID-19 Classes for Kids (CCFK), spearheaded by medical students at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), is mobilizing health professions graduate students across the USA to teach these modules to children who are currently “sheltering in place” at home. If you or your child/student are interested in working through this curriculum with a medical student tutor, please fill out this form.

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