Grades 1-3

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What is happening in the world?

Let’s color to learn more!

We have been hearing some BIG news!

Schools, stores and even parks are being closed because of something called coronavirus.

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a germ that is really small. It makes people sick.

Coronavirus spreads when people are together. When we stay at home, we are staying away from coronavirus. This keeps us all healthy.

Grown-ups are working really hard to stop coronavirus.

Are you ready to be a germ buster?

Germ busters have 3 jobs!

Job #1: Wash your hands for 20 seconds. To count to 20 seconds, sing the Happy Birthday song or Baby Shark twice.

You can watch this video about washing your hands:

Source: CDC

Job #2: Cover when you Cough or Sneeze.

Job #3: Send love from a distance. Germs can spread when lots of people are close together.

We will STOP coronavirus! I am happy I can help keep the virus away from my friends and family.

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